Team Cowboy

Team Cowboy is an app that you can use to register your child for tournaments and will show you the upcoming schedule.  After you registered your wrestler, you should have received an e-mail inviting you to join Team Cowboy.  If you did not receive an e-mail, let Marc know at merickson@wcllp.com

Once you accept the invitation and create a login and password, you will have access to the schedule.  The schedule will show all practices and tournaments.

If you want to register your child for a tournament, you simply click on the "RSVP" button to the right of the calendar entry for the tournament.  That will then take you to the RSVP page, where you will be asked "Are you Competing?"  Click "Yes" and then in the comments section, type in your child's name and the age group and weight class in which your child will be competing.  If you don't know your child's age group and weight class, just list your child's age as of August 31st and his or her current weight. 

You must RSVP at least 10 days in advance of the tournament.  For example, if the tournament is January 15th, you must RSVP by January 5th.  Each tournament has a separate tournament fee that will need to be paid to Kansas City Wrestling Club at practice.  The tournament fees are generally $16 - $20 per wrestler. 

If your child is a Novice Wrestler (this is your child's first or second year wrestling), he or she can wrestle in Novice or Open/Novice Tournaments.  The Novice Tournaments will specifically state in their title that they are Novice or Open/Novice.  Additionally, the tournaments are color coded on Team Cowboy.  Novice Wrestlers can wrestle in tournaments that are blue or blue and black.  Novice Wrestlers should not wrestle in Open Tournaments.  Open Tournaments have the black color on Team Cowboy.